Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Crayon Wallet Tutorial

This adorable crayon wallet will be a lifesaver when you need to keep your kiddo busy while you’re out and about.

One special feature of this crayon wallet (and the reason I almost named this “The Anal Mommy’s Crayon Wallet Tutorial”) is that the crayon slots stick out only on the inside of the wallet, and not out the back… a tad bit more work, but so much more attractive!

The tutorial is for a two-panel or three-panel crayon wallet and incorporates a detachable strap, as well as several closure options (I prefer snaps, but buttons or Velcro work great, too).

This tutorial is an easy-to-follow, detailed 11-page pdf file including color photos and guides for marking the material.  It is available in Letter size (for North America) or A4 size (for the rest of the world), to assure that the pattern and guide dimensions print accurately.

I sold it on Etsy very successfully for a few years, but I've decided I'd rather just post it for anyone to use… enjoy!!

Download the PDF tutorial here:

Crayon Wallet © 2010 Angela Bartos. All rights reserved.
No portion of this pattern may be reproduced
without expressed written permission by the author.


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